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Collection “IDEAL BOY”

For men all ages and generations. Available for boys from now! 

Who wants to make this world better? Let's do it together!

Limited Edition: got started from 2017

Now nature and fashion became as one,, and it’s a new style, you can recognize from far away and it’s a new way of jewelry as a new day and a new life, and .. as you are complete man who’s ready to give commitment. Commitment begins with yourself. If you committed to yourself – you can commit to anything and to anyone in your life.

We especially pick three kind of stone for this collection

  • Black Obsidian
  • Tiger Eye
  • Golden Sand Stone

We added two blue Magnetite

  1. It sign from the Torah
  2. It makes design unique
  3. It balancing the energy with particularly other gemstones
  4. Metal use- silver(925) and rhodium plated   


         Healing Properties

  • Vitality
  • Drive
  • Ambition

Goldstone is actually a man-made stone.  Its sparkle is due to flecks of copper in gold Goldstone, and cobalt or manganese in blue Goldstone.

Goldstone is said to be the stone of ambition.  It builds energy, courage and a positive attitude.  Increases drive and confidence.  A gently uplifting stone, Goldstone promotes vitality.

Goldstone helps to reduce stomach tension and benefits arthritic conditions.  It is helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation.

Sandstone is basically sedimentary rock composed of grains of sand, which are then cemented together by either quartz (silica), calcite, feldspar or clay. Colors range from white, cream, and tan to deep browns and reds (sometimes purples and pinks!). The presence of iron or manganese oxides creates the lovely reds, yellows and rusty-browns of some sandstones.

Because Sandstone is created by either wind or water, it is often called a “stone of creativity”. It strengthens relationships within groups, both at home and the workplace. Use Sandstone to keep you from getting distracted, especially during mediation. A cheerful stone, Sandstone keeps those annoying tantrums and mood swings under control. When used on the Sacral chakra, Sandstone can help you discern the truth among those around you and to keep your mind clear when making decisions.

Blue Magnesite

Healing Properties

  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Heartfelt love
  • Purification

Chakras – Crown Chakra
Typical colors - Colorless, blue, white, pale yellow, pale brown, faintly pink, lilac-rose

Magnesite instills deep peace during meditation. Placed on the third eye, this stone enhances visualization and imagery, and can promote dynamic and revolutionary ideas. It assists in producing an opening of the crown chakra. It also opens the heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love.

Golden sand stone and blue Magnesite are great combination with particularly proportions energize and balance positive energy. And sure this combination makes this bracelet design unique and recognized   

Sizes :

S: 19.6 cm, 7.32 inch; S+ : 20.2 cm, 7.64 inch

M:  20.8 cm, 8.16 inch; M+ : 21.4 cm, 8.64 inch

L: 22.1 cm, 8.45/64 ; L+ 22.7 cm, 9 inch

Kids: 6.9 inch

Bracelet comes with beautiful gift box and certificate Appraisal ID