About Taneim®
My name is Taneima Franks, i am professional Jeweler, 
Ceo and Founder of Taneim®.
"Story of Taneim® it is the real story, got started with the Love journey.
That Love made me dream big and see more than I could understand that time". 
Taneim®Star Jewelry

New Jewelry Brand Name and Association of Fashion Design Collection.  So, as a brand name Taneim® we have a vision and concept of Star Jewelry.

Taneim Star- It's the Star of our Star we present, witch brings the Love and good Luck!That's why all our jewelry we call - The Star Jewelry.

Through all our collections you can see Taneim Star everywhere. Sometimes it could dangling, sometimes the whole masterpiece made with that Star concept.  

Cherity is the part of our mission- We dream to help people and the nature around the world! This days we are part of Nonprofit Organization "VIHAR" Let's help to save endangered plants together!

Art is the Love
 Every our client get an exclusive art masterpiece, as we treat jewelry as art .  
We call each our jewelry - masterpiece! As each peace are collectible item and we believe it's will keep and grow the value with time.
Everything we create- it is love and passion!
We have two main Lines: Taneim 5 and TFR.
Each masterpiece document provided
Each design created by Taneim®
Each masterpiece has a number
We use only natural stones and metals
Our Jewelry Collections we call -Spiritual. As we believe that nature heals and help human. 

                                              Taneim 5

Masterpiece of that line has 5 years limit of production. After final day, that collection stop the production, and we announced how many masterpieces been produced in 5 years, and jewelry becoming a collectible masterpiece and you'll able to have one of the item for Taneim® Star Masterpiece  
Comes with a ID Document

TFR Collection 

This Line with single masterpices designed by Taneima Franks, TFR- Taneima Franks signature. TFR- Designed with no duplicates and with very different cost ranges, because of values
 One big point in common between collections and masterpieces of TFR line- it’s the only one masterpiece in the world! 
Comes with the Certificate of Exclusivity!

Invest in ART & 
Enjoy Our Product!