Taneima Franks - CEO, Taneim® founder and creative designer
Taneim®Star Gifting Jewelry & Investing

Taneim - It's child STAR, as we all came from childhood. That's why gifting jewelry beautiful for children and adults!

Each Star has numbered and comes with register card. All our collections made (OR) come with Taneim Star!

Taneim Star made only with natural metal: Gold (OR) Silver

Charity is the part of Taneim mission- Help to make Taneim bigger and We going to do a lot more in the World for kids and adults! Also we Taneim team dream to save our Earth, so we are part of Nonprofit Organization "VIHAR" saving endangered plants together! 

Art is Love
 Every our client get an exclusive art masterpiece, as we treat jewelry as art .  
We call each our jewelry - masterpiece! As each peace are collectible item and we believe it's will keep and grow the value with time.
Everything we create- it is love and passion!
Each masterpiece document provided
Each design created by Taneim®
Each star has a number
We use only natural stones and metals

Taneim Star Gifting & Investing

Taneim Star Is Valuable "Element" by it self, that's why you can invest by getting gold or silver stars or by getting them with original design and make Taneim product. Each Star numbered and comes with register card.  

TFR Collection 

 Single masterpiece designed by Taneima Franks, TFR- Taneima Franks signature. TFR- Designed with no duplicates and with very different cost ranges, because of different material use value 
Some of jewelry designs Only One in the World!
Comes with the Certificate of Exclusivity!
 Invest in ART & 
Enjoy Our Product!